Downloadpage for libidn2 php-extension

How-To install:

  1. First you have to install the package for your distribution.
  2. Then you have to copy the to your php-extension folder and add it to the php.ini.
    You can also compile your own php-extension. There for just download the idn2.tar and
    unpack it. Then open a console and go to the directory where are the unpacked files.
    Then type "phpize". After that type "./configure --enable-idn2". You finish your php-extension
    by typing "make". Then you find the extension in the modules directory.


We have prepared the libidn2 as an Debian and Ubuntu package and you can download them under the following links:

Linux-Distribution Link
Debian 32-bit DOWNLOAD
Debian 64-bit DOWNLOAD
Ubuntu 32-bit DOWNLOAD
If you want to compile the package on you own, you can download it.
This package is from the website

We have also prepared the php-extension and you can download it here: DOWNLOAD
idn2.tar.gz DOWNLOAD